Michael Silverman
Michael is a psychologist and opinion research specialist who has worked in both academic and commercial research. Before setting up Silverman Research in 2010, and Crowdoscope in 2016, he was Head of Employee Insight at Unilever.

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There’s a lot of talk in the survey industry these days about experience: customer experience, employee experience, brand experience… Yet there’s one particular group of people whose experience is often overlooked – they are the survey-takers.

This is the paradox of Experience Management: Why are companies who are so focused on managing experience, so nonchalant about the experiences of the people that fill in their surveys? After all, in many instances, the survey-takers are important too – they are employees, customers or users. Why would companies want to conduct survey research that alienates people when it could be creating a positive impression?

This is the motivation behind Crowdoscope – to turn survey- takers from respondents into participants.

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Michael Silverman