Uses & Applications

Survey Tool

Easily gather quantitative and qualitative data from your audience.

Comment System

Harness collective intelligence through real-time analysis of written responses.

Live Events

Engage your audience and extract insights in real time at live events.

Innovation & Ideation

Crowdsource ideas and solutions to drive innovation and performance.

Crowdoscope Collective Intelligence

Participant Experience

Traditional discussion forums that present comments in lists are difficult to navigate and cannot ensure that all posts receive equal attention. In Crowdoscope, conversations are represented as interactive visualisations. This not only provides an engaging experience for participants, it also ensures that comments are equally distributed for evaluation.

Authentic Feedback

Crowdoscope provides a powerful feedback mechanism that gives people the opportunity to interact in an open forum. Rather than feedback disappearing into a black hole, participants have the ability to be heard, receive individual feedback and see what comments and themes are resonating with the community.

Social Collective Intelligence

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Real-Time Data

On-the-spot insights and analysis of conversations as they happen.

Self-Service Option

Simple to set up and manage for small or large groups of participants.

Automated Analysis

Outputs are automatically generated to identify the most important comments and themes.

Comprehensive Support

Support, guidance and training are provided for administrators.